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​As hosts, we always have our A game on. When it comes to food we try to get an A+. All ingredients are natural and are produced locally. We use our chulas to cook all meals in house. Our chef is enthusiastic and tries to serve a variety of cuisines, depending on the availability of the ingredients.​We don't serve alcohol at the campsite, but we can provide glasses and iceif required. We can help you keep your drinks cool in our kitchen, Our kitchen works like clock works. Here’s our schedule. We request all guest to keep up with our time.


Hi - Tea (around 16:30 hrs) We serve veg sandwich accompanied with wafers, -Cheese corn balls-maggi (on request)- tea, coffee etc ​ 


Barbeque - 19:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs  (Complimentary if booked wooden cabin)                                                      -                                                                                       - Chicken Tikka (boneless)

- Paneer Tikka

-Tandoori chatpata Aloo

- Grilled Pineapple


Dinner - 20:30 hrs to 22:0 hrs - ​We serve Homely Food- Roti, - Mix Veg Subzi- Jeera Aloo,- Chicken Curry, - Dal, Chawal, Gulab Jamun etc. ​ 


Breakfast - 09:15 hrs TO 10:30 HRS​- poha - sabudana khichdi - veg cheese sandwich - Egg bhurji- Fruits/Juice, toast butter jam,- tea, coffee,  etc.


​​Note:  - All meals are unlimited.- Barbeque is optional if you book tent @ an addItional cost of Rs. 500/- per head. (Complimentary if you book wooden Wagon (Cabin).​

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